Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesdays: Tigger, Socks and Vienna

Adopt Tigger Now! Adopt Socks Now! Adopt Vienna Now! Tigger is a super cute guy who can be a little shy when he first meets new friends but soon warms up and loves head rubs. Somewhere along the way, Tigger lost his right eye…this doesn’t slow him down [...]

Wet Nose Wednesdays: Kylie, Velma and Shu Shu

We have three of the most wonder, furry and adorable cats you could ever hope to meet this week! Say hi to Kylie, Velma and Shu Shu!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Memphis, BJ and Cloudy

Check out the wonderful furry pets that are part of this week's Wet Nose Wednesday! Memphis and BJ are both sweet little dogs and Cloudy is an adorable cat with the perfect name for the Seattle weather!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Velma, Lily Rose and Summertime

Adopt Velma Now! Adopt Lily Rose Now! Adopt Summertime Now! Velma knows she has the beautiful face and big cheeks every tabby wants! This pretty girl is shy and will be happiest in a quiet home with kids over 12 where she can come out of her [...]

Wet Nose Wednesday: Rico Suave, Hershey and Jasmine

Two wonderful dogs and one beautiful cat make up this week's Wet Nose Wednesday. They would love if you would take them home!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Brooklyn, Laverne and Lucy

These three wonderful pups are ready for their forever home! Head to PAWS and meet them today!

Wet Nose Wednesdays: Trish, Chachi and Rosita

One beautiful cat and two adorable dogs make up this week's Wet Nose Wednesday. They are all cute, tiny and are looking for their perfect home!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Hamilton, Jules and Tiana

We have three wonderful dogs for this week's Wet Nose Wednesday! One adorable puppy (look at those paws!) and two older dogs that are equally sweet!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Magic, Maxine and Diamond

Two wonderful cats and one amazing dog are part of this week's Wet Nose Wednesday.

Wet Nose Wednesday: Shakira, Chi and Little Bear

Look at how fluffy Shakira is! And Chi has the most beautiful eyes popping against her black fur. And who wouldn't want to cuddle with Little Bear?