Wet Nose Wednesday

Wet Nose Wednesday: Dexter, Oscar and Kenny

Oscar found his forever home already, but Kenny and Dexter are still looking! Check out this week's video and fall in love with two super cute dogs!

Wet Nose Wednesdays: Yolanda, Bertha and Louie

This week's Wet Nose Wednesday features three great dogs looking for a new home! Cuddle up with Yolanda or Louie or throw a tennis ball around with Bertha!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Sammy, Carl “The Dude” and Tigger

Sammy, Carl “The Dude” and Tigger are three wonderful cats that each has their own distinct personality. Come meet all three and see which one is the best fit for your home!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Selena, Carl and Pibbles

Two adorable dogs (and their tongues!) are available for adoption this week! Also don't miss Carl, they call him "The Dude" because he's so chill.

Wet Nose Wednesday: Baymax, Cookie and Ernie

Baymax, Cookie and Ernie are three wonderful dogs just looking for the perfect place to call home!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Pup Pup, Matilda, Gordo & Rambo

This week's Wet Nose Wednesday is full of furry puppy love! Pup Pup and Matilda are beautiful girls looking for fun and active families! Gordo and Rambo are a bonded pair that are looking for the perfect home to cuddle in!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Betty, Levi, Gimli and Shanty

Five-week old chihuahua puppies are the cutest thing ever! And you won't want to miss adorable boxer mix Levi or the sweet bonded pair of Gimli and Shanty!

Wet Nose Wednesday: Marilyn, Olive Oyl and Sadie

Wet Nose Wednesdays is back with two beautiful dogs and one amazing cat! Meet Marilyn, Olive Oyl and Sadie!

Wet Nose Wednesdays: Molly, Boots and Chloe

Adopt Molly Now! Adopt Boots Now! Adopt Chloe Now! Little Molly is a beautiful tuxedo cutie with a lovable, friendly personality. She will come right up and say “hello”, showing off her tiny white feet and her cute little tail. Her favorite pastime is being with [...]

Wet Nose Wednesday: Gordo, Molly and Odie

Two dogs and a cat for Wet Nose Wednesday this week. Meet Gordo, Molly and Odie!