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Atticus is a confident, friendly boy who’ll come right up to greet you and is happy to show you around! He’s an active guy who appreciates lots of exploring, climbing, playing and being in the middle of his family’s activities. Once you wear him out, Atticus is a champion napper. He’ll be a great addition to a home with lots going on and that will provide him with a stimulating, fun environment and attention. Due to his outgoing enthusiasm and confidence, he may do best as an only kitty in his forever home. If you’d like lots of head butts, adventure and a super-handsome best friend, come to PAWS in Lynnwood and meet Atticus today.

To celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month, Atticus’ adoption fee has been reduced to $25.

Jane is a sweet and adorable tortie girl who is a bit shy and reserved with all the noise and activity at the shelter. She’s waiting for her forever family up on a shelf or in a bin, sometimes cuddling with another sweet kitty. Jane has stolen our hearts as we see her playful, curious side after hours when it quiets down and she can relax. She’ll be a wonderful companion who adores wand toys and affection when she can settle in and bond with her people in a mellow adult/teen home. She’s truly a delicate beauty who’ll melt your heart and love you for a lifetime for giving her a place to blossom and be adored. Come to PAWS Cat City in Seattle and meet this lovely girl today.

To celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month, Jane’s adoption fee has been reduced to $25.

Niko is a sweet girl who likes to cuddle and be close by. She doesn’t believe in making a fuss and enjoys exploring, being held, petting, and saying “hello” to people who come to meet her. She’d love to have a family who adores her for being such a good girl and for her tender, affectionate personality. If you would like to share your life with a little angel-girl, meet Niko at PAWS Cat City in Seattle and give her some love!

To celebrate Adopt-A-Cat Month, Niko’s adoption fee has been reduced to $25.

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