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Jake is the perfect boy–easygoing, gentle and well mannered. This sweet Border Collie mix is happy to get out and socialize and loves meeting new friends. Jake loves to head out on walks, and gets very excited when he sees his leash! He may be best suited in a home without cats. He’s a distinguished dog, but don’t worry, he still has plenty of pep to his step and he’s happy to receive pets and attention. Stop by PAWS in Lynnwood and meet this lovely guy today!

Poppy Seed is a sweet and gorgeous Pit Bull mix who is looking forward to a bright future! She’s a friendly girl who always has a smile on her face and quickly makes friends wherever she goes. She enjoys playtime with other dogs but does best with a silly boy who can keep up with her. If you are looking for a sweet girl to be your new companion, stop by PAWS in Lynnwood and meet Poppy Seed today!

Violet is a lovely dilute tortie girl who is curious, friendly and affectionate. She likes to explore and be near her family so she can share her attention and love with them. Violet really likes the laser pointer and will go after it until she’s sure she has “won” the game. She lived well with another polite and respectful kitty after their initial “getting to know you” period, but she would appreciate a dog-free home with kids over the age of 8. Violet will be a fun and easy member of her family and will make sure she keeps those big green eyes on them at all times! Stop by PAWS Cat City in Seattle to meet this sweet girl today.

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