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Sandy, Maggie and Graceland

Meet Sandy! A sweet and friendly gal who would love to be your new lap dog, she’s housetrained and in search of a comfy bed to call her own. Sandy enjoys taking life easy, and a leisurely stroll around the block. She enjoys the company of other dogs, but does prefer a more mellow and low key companion who can respect her desire to relax. She may prefer kids over the age of 7 who can understand that too!

Maggie is a superstar! This pretty Dalmatian/Australian Cattle Dog mix loves the company of other dogs and has excellent socializing skills. She’s friendly, outgoing and loves to get out there and have a good time. Looking for the perfect companion on a bright winter’s day? Maggie would love to meet you!

Check out Graceland, a hunka, hunka burnin’ love! An older gentleman, he’s a total love bug who still has a fair amount of energy for his age and would love some low impact exercise to stay active. He knows how to “sit” and “roll over”. You’ll never be at the Heartbreak Hotel with this pup!

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