Meet Jackson, a 2-year-old American Staffordshire Terrier whose smile is as wide as the Cheshire Cat’s! He’s an enthusiastic guy who loves to tussle and join up in play. His calm, gentle nature will emerge with good basic training and lots of exercise to tire him out. Jackson loves getting back scratches and lots of attention. He loves exploring the great outdoors and will make a fun walking and running partner. But note that Jackson is cautious, even uncomfortable, when meeting new dogs, so going places with fewer encounters will be less stressful for him and you. Having said that, he loves people and will wiggle away to show how friendly he is!

Bruce, a 2-year-old Pit Bull Mix who will quickly become your best friend. Bruce loves to run around the yard and go on long walks. He is also a huge snuggler and will cuddle up right next to you when it’s time for bed. This guy offers the best of both worlds – active and a couch potato! Bruce’s foster family say that their favorite thing about him is his sweet and goofy disposition. He lived with another dog in his foster home and wanted to play all the time! If Bruce sounds like the right dog for you, talk to our Adoption Department today!

Meet Roscoe Ranger, a very handsome and sweet 9-year-old Shepherd mix. Roscoe has puppy-like enthusiasm for fetch, chewing bones, going for walks and hanging out with his humans for a good back scratch and a snuggle. He knows “sit” and “down” plus he’ll offer kisses when asked – it’s the cutest! Roscoe Ranger is super treat motivated so it’s likely he can learn many more tricks with tasty encouragement. This energetic sweetie is also a talker. He lets you know when he needs to go outside, when he’s hungry, excited, or just because he loves you. So he wouldn’t be an ideal dog for apartment living. Looking for a companion who knows the ropes but is still thrilled to play? Meet Roscoe Ranger today at Seattle Humane!

Oh hello, I’m Trudy! I am 2-3 years old and have been waiting patiently for my forever home for over a year! I am looking for a family to give me all the loves and snuggles I can get! My favorite thing in the world is people. Every person I see I want to hug them and be their best friend. I love little humans too and am extra gentle with them.   My foster mom is teaching me to be more tolerant with other animals but overall, I would prefer to be the only furry family member.  Mostly, I like to just chill out and chew my bone or sleep.  I know words like, “Good, no, down, sit, crate, come” and I do my best to walk nicely on leash without pulling. The vets say I have something called “dermal hemangiosarcoma” which means I should stay out of the sun (or wear really cute t-shirts) but I should live a happy life with a little extra TLC. Being a white pitty, I also need some fancy food to keep my skin nice and pretty.

Hi there, my name is Fez! My rescuers estimate me to be about 3 years old. I love being active but also love to snuggle up with my people and relax. I really love kids and make sure I’m extra tolerant with them. I know commands like”sit” and “wait” and I walk well on leash without barking at other dogs.  I can do okay with other dogs my size but smaller furries are a bit too interesting to me; I would really like a home where I am the only pet.  I know all about how to behave in a home because I lived with a family before but they moved to something called a “condo” that had breed restrictions. I am now waiting again and hoping the next one will stick!

Hello, my name is Brigid and all I want in life is to be with my people! I am a Boxer mix but I have some German Shepherd in me, and my people say I am very smart. I really love kids too and don’t mind if they tug on me! I will follow my people around and snuggle them any chance I get. I have been through a lot since I arrived in Seattle including having babies, mastitis, and a doggy ACL surgery. I just finished a 3-week board-and-train to learn the very best manners. I know to wait to go outside for the bathroom and I know words like “sit, down, kennel, up”.  I can be good with dogs if I get a slow introduction and would be able to live in a house with other dogs if a savvy dog owner will be patient with me while I get comfortable.

Howdy, my name is Butch, Butch Cassidy. I got my name because I was found running wild with my brother Sundance in California. After we were corralled, I told my brother that I thought it might be time to settle down and find a home. I struggled at first without my brother but am learning to build my confidence and am doing really well in my foster home.  I think other dogs are great, I think they like me because I’m so big and gentle.  I’m hoping I can have a home with another doggo and a fenced yard so I can stretch my legs and I would love to go on adventures exploring this great territory!

Howdy, my name is Sundance. I got my name because I was found running wild with my brother Butch Cassidy in California. We were wrangled by some folks who told us we were headed for Seattle so Butch thought it might be time to settle down and find a home. I was really attached to my brother and found it easy to just follow him, but now that we are each in our own foster homes, I’m finding I can do well without him too.  I am a gentle giant and I love to stay close to my people and be around other dogs.  I’m hoping I can have a home with another doggo and a fenced yard so I can stretch my legs and I would love to go on adventures exploring this great territory!

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Washington based non-profit, Dog Gone Seattle, will be there providing meet and greet opportunities with adoptable four-legged friends.

Hi! My name is Duke! I am a very friendly Border Collie who is looking for a FURREVER home! My new friends here at AVHS noticed that something happened to me in the past (old injury) to cause permanent damage to my hips. I will limp and I’m prone to soreness on both hips, but especially my left hip. But, I compensate well!! I LOVE to play ball (I am the best at bringing it back to you for hours of fetch enjoyment!) and I seem to have minimal discomfort at this time. I may need additional care in the future if my comfort level changes! If you are interested in a sweet, ball playing, fun loving dog that would be more of a companion and not a running partner then look no further!

Hi, my name is Sammy! I am a high energy dog that would be a great family dog or even a hiking buddy! I do have my habits that need to address, such as; chewing, chewing and more chewing. I also dig under fences! I should not be trusted alone in your home due to this. I do have a tendency to jump up on people, but will stop when told “No”. I am great with children and other dogs. I will need a secure home where my new humans will work with me on my obedience training.

Hi, my name is Hank! I am an extremely high energy dog that needs consistent training in obedience and appropriate play as I jump on people and I am mouthy. I have also been known to food guard. I have lived with another dog, but it is suggested that I am not in a home with very young children.

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Hi! My name is Patron and I am available for adoption. Staff and volunteers here have begun calling me “Perfect Patron” because I am such a good boy at the shelter! I love my people a ton and enjoy showing them how affectionate I can be! I was briefly in an adopters home but was not a good fit for a high traffic home with children. I have had some difficulty with boundaries and sharing what I think is “mine,” such as the sofa! I will need an experienced dog home with no children. My new owner will need to be confident and assertive but not forceful. I am a very smart dog! I have shown my caregivers that I already know how to “sit”, “stay”, “come” and “shake”.

Hi! My name is Domino. My previous owner described me as shy, loving and playful. I am a very smart dog! I have shown my caregivers that I already know how to “sit”, and “come”. I am a plus-sized guy (100+ pounds to be exact) that is just full of love and snuggles! Silly, goofy, and adorable are my middle names! I am an affectionate lovebug who would be thrilled to cuddle up with you at home! I am an older guy, but I don’t let me slow that me down! I still love to play – in shorter bursts than when I was in my prime. I am also always ready to settle down and cuddle with my people.

Hi! My name is Django and I am available for adoption. My previous owner described me as outgoing, loving, playful and pretty much the best dog ever. I love my people and want to be around them, cuddling and helping out with whatever tasks need to get done for the day! I am full of energy and I love to play! I tend to calm down more when the people around me stay calm. I do best when I have lots of exercise and something to keep my mind busy.

Some things are better in pairs…two socks, two mittens…how about two adorable cats? Fred and Ethel are an 8-year-old bonded pair who are dreaming of their new home together with you. They wish to be adopted together in an adult only home where they can chillax. Ethel and Fred are BFF’s (best friends forever). Ethel has long, luxurious hair and Fred is a handsome Russian Blue with striking eyes. They are a rather shy pair so no surprise parties, please! They are snuggly and cuddly and oh so sweet. If you are ready to double the love in your household then come to PAWS Cat City to meet these two today! 

Chloe is as beautiful as snow and as sweet as pie. This wonderful white kitty loves her people and will shower you with affection. She does want snuggles, attention, love, head butts, purrs but is not a fan of being held. She loves to lay next to her person in bed. She would love a quiet, predictable home where she can be adored as the princess she is. Stop by PAWS today to see the lovely Chloe.