Say hello to Max! This handsome fellow has a heart of gold. At a whopping 114 pounds, Max needs an owner strong enough to give him his daily walks! He must be the only dog in the house. No dog, no cats, nothing furry or feathered. He is familiar with the farm life and loves running around to explore but because of a high prey drive, he should not be left alone. He also cannot go to dog parks. If you would like to meet Max please come down to the shelter and ask for Tati.

Hi, my name is Jada. I look older than 7 but that’s because I was not well taken care of with my previous owner. I am a very sweet gal but I will need attention for a few medical issues that may or may not be lifelong. I will need medication to heal my skin and get my fur to grow back in which may become costly. I also suffer from a loss of feeling in my pelvic limb region to my tail that could be progressive so I may have a difficult time walking long distances. Aside from my medical issues, I am a very warm and loving dog. If you are interested in having a one-on-one meeting with me, please come by and say hi!!!

Hi, my name is Tikka. I am a rather shy girl, so I will do best in a quiet environment because I am very fearful of new people as well as sudden and/or loud noises. My friends here at the shelter think I would prefer to be your only pet and all children under 16 should probably meet me before I go home. Finally, I should go to a home with very seasoned and knowledgeable pet owners who know a lot about training me. I’m so smart, I’d love to show you how much I already know (sit, stay, shake, lay down, and even speak)! If you are interested in meeting me in person, come on down to the shelter get to know me!

Sassy is a real sweetheart! She takes some time to warm up completely but immediately stakes her claim on the very best spot for catching sunbeams. She loves to snuggle with her people. She has experience with cats and dogs, she mostly ignores both. She is very mellow and loves being loved on! Come into PAWS Cat City to meet Sassy today!

I’m Socks. I’m a young, exuberant mancat and I’m looking for a very particular sort of home. I’m part of the PAWS Experienced Cat Adopter Program, which means that I need some cat savvy people I can boss around. I’m not a fan of dogs or small children. I don’t like other cats, and I’ve tested positive for FIV*. I really like the toys here at Cat City, and I’ve trained the staff to bring me paper bags so I can chase balls into them and hide to ambush da bird. But I’m getting antsy and am ready for a home of my own. I want people who can build me a good cardboard castle. I’d love to find a family that will play with me with wand toys. I can “sit” on command and am likely to learn other tricks if you offer me dehydrated chicken, my favorite!

Meet Abram Zamboni, a 7-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback who would love to rock your world! This boy is handsome, well-behaved, and very loving – a perfect combination! He’ll be your perfect companion for both adventures and relaxation. Give Abram him some neck rubs and tasty treats you’ll win his allegiance and friendship right away! If you have room in your heart and home for this sweet boy, then come meet him today at the Seattle Humane – you’ll be glad you did!

Mia is a beautiful brindle gal. She is about 4-years old and has lots of energy, enthusiasm, focus, and determination. Mia enjoys affection and looooves to have her hind-end scratched. She is a friendly girl with a lovely smile and a waggly tail. Mia likes to chew on Kongs and play with other toys. Mia came to the shelter because her elderly owners are no longer able to care for her but they adored her and had wonderful things to say about her. If you’re interested in meeting the magnificent Mia, come on down to Seattle Humane today!