Babette, a 3-year-old beauty with a brindle coat and mittens on her hind paws will charm you with her good looks. Babette is shy when meeting new people, but curious about them as well. Give Babette a little time and she will sit next to you for good scratches and massages. Babette is still learning basic obedience, and our volunteers work with her every morning on sit, stay, and down. Once she is comfortable this really smart girl will excel in any training class you take her to – claim the rebate we have available to help with the cost of Babette’s first training class. She’ll make you proud! Come meet Babette at Seattle Humane!

Introducing Huggy Bear, a handsome 2-year-old white American Pit Bull Terrier mix with brown markings resembling those of a Guernsey cow. Huggy Bear is a strong and playful fellow with a fondness for squeaky toys and is skilled at dissecting tennis balls. He has been doing well in his training, responding to “right here” on walks, and he listens, sits and happily takes treats as rewards for his good behavior. One volunteer calls him a Big Hunk of Love. Huggy shows interest in other dogs but his high-energy play style and size may overwhelming. Other dogs in your pack will need to meet Huggy Bear prior to adoption. Huggy Bear will do well with a family that’s experienced with large dogs and willing to give him daily exercise and mental stimulation. You can meet this sweet boy at Seattle Humane!

Bethany is a 1-year-old Shepherd mix who doesn’t let anything slow her down. A true sweetheart, Bethany will follow you from room to room, happy to provide constant companionship. If you have room in your heart for this sweet girl, come meet Bethany today at Seattle Humane – you’ll be glad you did!

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Hi! My name is Ace and I am available for adoption. I was brought in by my previous owner on 2/4/18 because I was nervous around their little one and I was not getting along with the family cat.I am a very smart dog!

I have shown my caregivers that I already know how to “sit”, “stay”, “come”, “down” and “shake”. I am an affectionate love bug who would be thrilled to cuddle up with you at home! I am also full of energy and I love to play! I tend to calm down more when the people around me stay calm. I do best when I have lots of exercise and something to keep my mind busy.

Hi! My name is Flower and I am available for adoption. My caregivers have noticed that it does take me some time to adjust to new people and new places. Even though I am a large breed dog, the world can still be a big and overwhelming place! I am looking for an owner that has had experience with dogs that have been undersocialized and may display some fear aggression behaviors when overwhelmed.

I am a dog with a huge personality and I have a lot of favorite activities. One of my favorite things to do is go on walks and explore! I also love to play fetch and will bark at you to throw my toy, though I am not always as excited about bringing it back so playing with two toys at once is the best option for me!

Hi! My name is Mark and I am available for adoption. I have been adopted twice, but unfortunately I was not the right fit for either family.

My volunteers have told staff that I am very energetic and love to run! I am full of energy and I love to play! I tend to calm down more when the people around me stay calm. I do best when I have lots of exercise and something to keep my mind busy.I would do best as the only pet in an adult only home. I can be a bit stubborn sometimes and need a confident and patient owner that will work with me, not against me.

My name is Spud. Yes, I am a big boy with a big loving heart. My beloved owner of 5 years suddenly passed away and I just miss him so much. I am looking for a compassionate person I can trust … maybe someone like you? Are you willing to take me in and let my heart blossom again? In turn, I promise to be your devoted companion. I will be pleased to sit by your side, receiving the occasional pat on the head. I will be eager to go for a morning walks or have a fun day playing in the backyard, but I am not so willing to share my home with a cat.

Hi, my name is Rocky! I’m a spunky senior guy looking for a home with no pets and no small children. Are you an experienced owner looking for a solo pet to love into the golden years? If so, come visit me at Auburn Valley Humane Society!

Jordan was a transfer from a California shelter, brought to Auburn Humane from Portland by Heather and our video guy Dylan! After only a short weekend at Auburn Humane, Jordan has already found his forever home!

Thistle and Thumbelina have both found their forever homes, but PAWs has more furry felines that would love to come home with your!