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Sweet girl Betty and her five-week-old puppies arrived at PAWS this past weekend as part of a transfer from an overcrowded shelter in Merced, CA. This adorable, three-year-old Chihuahua has had a long journey but is now safe and warm in PAWS foster care until her bundles of joy Sonny and Cher are old enough to be spayed and neutered – then the search for this family’s perfect happy ending will begin! If you are interested in adopted Betty, Sonny or Cher, you can contact PAWS at or 425.787.2500 x850 for more information.

Levi is a gentle, older boy who is dreaming of meeting his new family! Levi enjoys a nice walk around the park, followed by lots of love from his favorite person. This handsome boy enjoys the company of other polite dogs and loves getting out and about to socialize. Looking for a drama-free relationship? Levi has wonderful manners and is easy to fall in love with! If you are looking for a low-key boy to be your new hang out buddy, look no further than Levi!

Gimli and Shanty are a sweet and loving bonded pair. They are looking for a home where they can relax and enjoy their lives together. Come by and see this cute pair today!

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phone: 425-787-2500

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