Be Credit Card Smart

As we head into the holidays and the new year, it’s a good time to think about your credit card usage.
Not just what you buy, but how you’ll eventually pay for it. Gifts, parties, travel, dining out — they’re all
fun until the bill comes due. That’s why it’s smart to have purchase and payoff strategies. Having a plan
can save you trouble (and money) later.


  • Mind your budget. No, you don’t have to build a formal spreadsheet. But you should have a
    handle on the discretionary spending you can afford after necessities. Don’t let a December
    spending binge affect your financial stability for the coming year.
  • Use a debit card. Debit cards immediately withdraw from your account so big bills won’t sneak
    up. Sound Credit Union offers a Rewards debit card that lets you pay your bills in real time and
    still earn rewards.
  • Use cash. Cash may seem quaint, but it’s also tangibly different than using a magic card. When
    you have to go through the steps of withdrawing cash, counting it out and handing it to a
    cashier, you may think twice about certain purchases.
  • Netflix Night. Crowds. Parking. Expensive, tiny food. Sometimes staying home is better than
    going out.


  • Pay off your entire card balance. If you can afford it, this is the best way to use your credit card. If you don’t have an annual card fee, it’s a free loan.
  • Pay more than the minimum balance. Let’s assume you have a $2,000 balance on a card with a 14.4% APR. If you make only the minimum payment (around $50), it’ll take you 13 years to pay it off, with an ultimate cost of $3,517. Increase your payment to $65, and you’ll repay your debt in 3.25 years, at a total of $2,535. The more you pay each month, the shorter the payoff time and the less interest you’ll pay.
  • Transfer your balance to a card with a lower interest rate. Sound Credit Union is currently offering a 1.99% APR balance transfer deal with no transfer fees.

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