TheEverettClinic-logo[1]How to Stay Healthy during the Fall months, Tips from Everett Clinic Doctors 

November: Men’s Health

Five tips to better Men’s Health by Dr. Stephen Campell

  • Get moving. Every increase in activity translates to better health including decreased risks of diabetes and certain types of cancer.
  • Get checked. Early detection is the best. Be screened for prostate and testicular cancers.
  • Know your blood pressure. Get your blood pressure checked. Ideal pressure is 120 over 80. Keep and active lifestyle and restrict alcohol consumption.
  • Eat smart. Reduce consumption of pre-packaged, processed and high-sodium foods like meat or restaurant foods. Cook fresh meals that include vegetables and foods high in potassium like tomatoes and spinach.
  • Don’t ignore the warning signs. Excessive sweating, shortness of breath, or unusual pain could be a sign of more serious heart or lung issues.

Learn more about men’s health here.


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