Project Description

Bellevue College Foundation

The Bellevue College Foundation is committed to ensuring that anyone who dreams of obtaining a higher education at Bellevue College has the access and support to do it.  We develop partnerships with local leaders and business members to support student success, academic innovation, and building community by raising funds for scholarships, grants, and programs.

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Bellevue College is the third largest higher institution in Washington with 33,000 students

We offer a huge variety of education opportunities from professional and technical certificates, continuing education credits, prep for GED, associates degrees, and bachelor degrees, including our Bachelors in Neurodiagnostic Technology, Nursing, Interior Design, Accounting, Radiation Therapy, and our newest offering computer science.


Bellevue College

  • Serves over 33,000 students annually
  • Provide six Transfer Associate Degree Programs and 11 Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Our Interior Design program was named among the top 20 in the world (Yes WORLD)
  • BC’s Autism Spectrum Navigators program has received many awards and is being replicated nationwide
  • BC is listed among the 10 most affordable colleges by CNN Money
  • BC is the largest provider of continuing education in the state
  • reports BC alumni are in the top 25 based on earnings

Bellevue College Foundation raises money because the need is great….

  • Bellevue College is tax-assisted, not tax supported. Less than 24% of BC’s revenue comes from the state
  • Nearly 2,000 students who applied for financial aid and/or BC Foundation scholarships did not receive assistance
  • There are thousands of more students who don’t qualify for aid, but still have need

Your support goes far beyond supporting just Bellevue College!

  • BC contributes $172M into the King County economy
  • 56% of the students in BC’s Workforce Education programs are hired locally
  • BC is the community’s college. Over 100,000 people annually attend events on BC campuses.